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The Life Minute

All it takes is 60 seconds to communicate an idea that has the potential to change your life. The Life Minute by Ben Windle has become a much loved source of practical wisdom for everyday life.

Originating on Brisbane’s 96.5fm, and now broadcast over many stations and platforms of media, The Life Minute distills practical keys to relationships, finances, health, parenting, marriage, faith, and more to help you navigate life’s complexities.

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Ben and Cindi

Ben Windle and Cindi Windle are the Pastors of Lifeplace in Brisbane – an inclusive church with a passion for equipping people to live a thriving life 7 days a week.

For more information and to stay up to date with all things happening at Lifeplace Church, click below.

More about Lifeplace

Teaching, is the central hub to the many resources he produces to help people, such as podcasts, videos and books

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